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At the Airport

Before Leaving Home

Ensure you know what restrictions are in place

Research destination

Check destination border information, FCO and insurers to assess visitor status and measures for international travellers to ensure you are aware of what is expected upon arrival. Our destination status map is the place to start.

Destination status map


Avoid connections

Avoid connecting flights where possible. Note any connections which require overnight stay are likely to be subject to quarantine laws of that country e.g. 14 day stop over.

Pack PPE essentials

Prepare PPE

Ensure you have at least two face coverings or masks, adequate hand sanitiser and gloves. Sanitiser of up to 12oz is permitted through UK airport security.

Online check in

Check in online, download your boarding pass, print luggage tags and provide contact and health information as required in advance.


Check flight status and terminal information

Before travelling to the airport check your flight status and terminal information as schedules are in flux due to demand.

Eat before leaving home

Travellers are advised to eat before leaving home as airport food facilities are likely to be limited or closed.

Don't leave home if you are unwell

Check for symptoms

Check if you have any symptoms (continuous cough, temperature > 37.8 degrees celcius, loss or change in sense of smell/taste). You will not be permitted to travel if so and should be self-isolating as per government guidelines.


When to arrive at the airport

The government have advised arriving at the airport a maximum of 2 hours for European and 3 hours for international flights to reduce the amount of additional time in the airport.

Arrival at Airport

Travellers only

Travellers only

No non-travelling visitors are permitted within airports (except for mobility assistance)

Masks required on arrival

Masks will be a requirement upon arrival at the airport, for all those aged 2 years old and over. 

Keep 2 metres apart

Social distancing

Social distancing will be in place at airports – check for signage with rules at the airport.

Self baggage drop increase

Self baggage drop will be increased and encouraged to reduce the risk of cross contamination by those handling multiple bags. Check out our UK airlines guide for more on which airlines are operating self-baggage drops.

UK airlines guide

Reducing the risk of contamination

Lounge access

Lounges are now beginning to reopen, but check with each provider.

Don't travel if feeling unwell


Those displaying symptoms may be required to return home, therefore it is absolutely essential to travel to the airport only if you are not displaying symptoms.

Prove where you're travelling to

Proof of address

Be prepared to provide proof of address at destination and reasons for travel, dependent on your destination. For further destination specific information, head to our interactive Covid-19 destination status map.

Destination status map

Allow extra time


Allow for extra time at boarding to support social distancing

On board

Remaining seated for longer

Movement limited onboard

Movement onboard will be limited to help prevent the potential spread.

Area used for quarantine

No first class

First class will likely be closed and instead the space will be used for quarantine. Airlines may take different approaches.

Quick links to airline specific updates

Airline updates

Check out our quick links page for links to a wide range of airlines COVID-19 response pages

Airline quick links

What are HEPA Filters and how do they work

HEPA Filters

Check out our introduction to HEPA filters and how they work to protect travellers.

HEPA Filters

British Airways

BA Updates

British Airways has provided some key information about their flights, including how HEPA filters work on board and the changes they are implementing. Click a thumbnail below to view the whole image.


Virgin Updates

Virgin Atlantic has provided a website covering changes they are implementing and anticipating in response to COVID-19. Click the button below to visit this external website.

You can also view their summary video:

Visit the Virgin Atlantic update webpage

Emirates Updates

Emirates have put together a webpage with how they are helping ensure your safety while travelling which you can visit on their website.

You can also download their Customer Journey PDF

Download the Emirates Journey PDF

Turkish Airlines Updates

Turkish Airlines has provided their guidelines for safe travel in the following video:

No duty free

Duty free will likely be suspended to help limit contact.

Staff and passengers

Face coverings

Airline staff will wear face coverings and passengers will be expected to too. For long haul flights, some airlines are requesting passengers provide a new mask for every 4 hour window to ensure their effectiveness.

Reduced service offering

In flight meals

Limited packaged food will be available on board aircraft. Check with each provider for their availability. It’s worth eating before you leave to avoid disappointment.

For in-destination tracking

Traveller locator form

Travellers will be expected to fill out traveller locator form to ensure they are traceable in their destination.


Travellers reporting symptoms may be put in quarantine on their flight and/or at their destination. Find out more about each country’s requirement with our destination status map.

Destination status map

On arrival

With some countries mandating as law

Face coverings

Travellers will be expected to wear face coverings upon arrival. Different airports and countries may have different rules (or new laws in place) so check out the destination status map for further information on the country you are planning visiting.

Destination status map

Be prepared to download

Track and trace apps

Be prepared to download local track and trace apps. These apps will help ensure the spread of the virus is monitored.

Meet and greet outside

Meet and greet will be asked to wait outside to limit unnecessary admittance to airport terminals.

Documentation to prove schedule

Be prepared to provide documentation for travel plans and location of office and/or accomodation.

Making it safer and quicker for everyone

Follow signage

Follow signs for ground transportation, observing social distance measures and any local rules.


Report symptoms locally

Report any symptoms. You will be required to self isolate at your pre-booked accommodation or nationally organised facility depending on the destination. Find out more in our destination status interactive guide.

Destination status map

Some countries are imposing mandatory quarantine

Local quarantines

In addition to reporting if you are feeling unwell some countries, including the UK, are imposing a quarantine regardless of whether you are displaying symptoms. This includes British citizens returning from travelling abroad. Some countries are now exempt from UK Quarantine. Find out more in our UK quarantine measures article.

UK quarantine measures

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