USA Reopening

What you need to know

The USA is set to reopen its borders to those fully vaccinated travellers from the UK and Europe on 8th November. 

We’ve received the following key information that you’ll need to know before you go. If you have questions or queries about the information or if you’re ready to book your next business travel trip to the US, please get in touch.

Covid-19 testing

Vaccine order

  • All non-crew required to present digital or paper documentation of “Proof of Being Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19” to carrier prior to boarding unless excepted

  • Excepted includes:
    • Diplomatic, government travel, UN travel
    • Children under 18
    • People in clinical trials
    • People with medical contraindications
    • Humanitarian and emergency exceptions granted by CDC
    • Limited vaccine availability (from countries with less than 10% of total population vaccinated
    • US armed forces
    • Sea crew members
    • Persons with National Interest Exception
  • Every Excepted Individual without proof of vaccination must attest to:
    • They are excepted
    • They have arranged for a test within 3 days of arrival unless they have proof of recovering from COVID in last 90 days
    • They have arranged to self-quarantine unless they can show they have recovered from COVID in last 90 days
    • They have arranged to self-isolate if the test is positive

Amended Testing Order

  • All passengers must present a paper or digital documentation of a negative PCR test
    • If fully vaccinated, the test must take place within 3 days of departure
    • If not fully vaccinated (and allowed to travel under an exception), the test must take place within one day of travel
  • OR a passenger can present a documentation of recovery in the form of both:
    • A positive test no more than 90 days before a flight and
    • A letter from a licensed health professional stating that the passenger has been cleared to travel​

Contact Tracing

  • Carriers required to collect “designated information” from all passengers before boarding but not more than 72 hours before departing from Last Point of Departure (LPD)
  • Designated information includes “to the extent it exists”:
    1. Full name
    2. Address while in the US
    3. Primary phone number at which passenger can be contacted in US
    4. Secondary phone number
    5. Email address
    6. Date of birth
    7. Airline name
    8. Flight number
    9. City of departure
    10. Departure date and time
    11. City of arrival
    12. Arrival date and time
    13. Seat number

Note: Information in (f) through (m) must be provided to the extent information is already available and maintained by the carrier

  • Carriers responsible for maintaining designated information for crew members
  • Carriers must notify passengers of purpose and intent of the information collected, the obligation to provide accurate information, and the criminal penalties for not doing so
  • Carries must retain the information for 30 days and transmit it within 24 hours of a request from the CDC through secure, electronic means
    1. DATA RETENTION NOT REQUIRED  for airlines who chose to otherwise securely transmit data using established DHS data systems
  • Page 12 of Order sets forth privacy policy

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