BTN Europe Podcast

discussing the latest issues facing business travel

BTN Europe has launched a new podcast series featuring a panel of experts who will discuss the latest issues facing the managed travel industry.

The first episode of BTN Europe Week in Review is hosted by digital editor Molly Dyson, with Daniel Tallos, travel manager EMEA at Nike, our very own David Bishop, chief commercial officer at Gray Dawes Group, and Paul Tilstone, managing partner at Festive Road, discussing the implications of ongoing travel restrictions in Europe on business travel.

As the world attempts to restart after months of essentially standing still during the Covid-19 pandemic, travel managers are facing the complicated task of getting employees prepared to get back on the road. But with the UK re-imposing quarantine measures on European countries at very short notice, it’s becoming harder for businesses to plan travel. The panel tries to decipher how travel managers can navigate this new landscape.

Click on the button above to listen to the episode now. BTN Europe Week in Review will soon be available through several popular podcast services including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Audible. Listeners can also subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified through their web browser when new episodes are published.

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