Destination Status

Check the current health status and travel restrictions at your destination

COVID-19 Trackers

Updated five times a day, this real-time interactive map charts both the travel restrictions and stringency level COVID-19 is having on every country in the world. Fed by numerous accredited data sources (including the World Heath Organisation, Oxford University and sovereign government information) and based on multiple factors and criteria, we’re able to present an objective status report for any business travel destination. 

This most comprehensive, yet simple to use resource is an invaluable tool to help you and your organisation plan for post COVID-19 recovery, a return to work and the resumption of business travel.


Border & Travel




Country Restrictions
Traffic Lights

  • Use the page buttons at the bottom of the map to switch between two different views:
    – page 1: Board & Travel Restrictions Tracker
    – page 2: Summary Data Table
    – page 3: Country Planner (selectable)
    – Counrty: Government Stringency Controls
  • The bottom window lists all counties and their status, in relation to access and if they have quarantine measures or not for UK travellers.
  • Use the Date Sider (on the right) to alter the date and see what restrictions were like at a certain time.
  • Roll your cursor over each country to reveal a Pop-Up Data window, providing further information on that country.
  • Use the blue Quick Look buttons to focus on a certain geographic area.
  • The Country Planner (also presented below as a separate dashboard) is a great resource if you’re travelling to / or planning to go to a specific country.


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